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A range of valuations was created by an independent industry expert regarding EZ4 Media's Work Product and existing IP.  These represent a high, low and expected value depending on choice of wafer fab technology and assumptions about the hardware and software resources necessary to consummate the project.  The assets are valued between $10 million and $18.3 million, with an expected value of $15.4 million dollars.

FSG's focus is assisting existing management of small private and public companies in making big decisions: on Strategy, Operations, Mergers, Acquisition and organization. Once decisions are made, FSG will help in the implementation of these decisions to get the desired results.  FSG is a performance based consulting firm and will invest with clients when it meets FSG's criteria.

Our Portfolio of companies are focused and driven for success in their respective industries.

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The Only Patented Bean to Cup Pressure Brewer in the World.   
Both the creation of this new form of coffee and its superior gourmet taste will prove to have a major impact on the coffee industry.  The benefit and protection of the patents will allow us to capitalize on profitability within the industry.

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The future is upon us now and the world is calling out for a simple method.

Our mission is to provide the most effective and highest quality over-the-counter (OTC), supplements and natural products in the industry.